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Best wishes to the American Legion for celebrating its 101stbirthdaythismonth. So,HAPPYBIRTHDAYtoTHE AMERICAN LEGION and all its members. It’s not just the service they provided while they were in military, but the continued service they’ve all provided to their community, state and nation for so many years after their military service. 

Since the founding of our parent organization 101 years ago, the American Legion --- and now the Sons of the American Legion --- have been provided with four simple goals for the 

organizations. 1. Care for the veterans; 2. Stand for national security and a strong national defense; 3. Continue the support of our Americanism programs; and 4. Care for the children. 

If you get an opportunity to thank a veteran for their service, do so. They have provided the security for us to continue the life style we all enjoy today and will enjoy tomorrow as well. 

We will be selecting our choices for a candidate to attend Cornhusker Boys State and Cornhusker Girls State shortly. More on the subject later. 

Please join us at our next meeting on the third Thursday of the month. We meet at 7:00 PM at the Lincoln Elks Lodge 80 located at 5910 S 58th St. in the Trade Center. 

For God and Country, 

Fred Craigie, Commander 

Squadron #3
The Sons of the American Legion 


Thank you Squadron 3

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Lincoln Squadron 3 of the Sons of the American Legion has routinely

sponsored citizens to attend Cornhusker Boys State and Cornhusker Girls State.

Kelly Kohlhof, a Girls State citizen sponsored by Squadron 3 in June, sent this

note of appreciation. Kelli is a senior at Lincoln Lutheran High School.

Dear Mr. Craigie,

The past week at Girls State will probably impact the rest of my life. Now,

I know that if you talked to anyone who has done this in the past, they will all

say this --- but I now know why.

You meet so many amazing girls; and now, in this day and age, it’s so easy

to keep in touch even though you live hours apart. At Girls State, I tried really

hard to talk to new people, because if I don’t then, I don’t ever think that I

would come out of my bubble and talk to anyone else.

This past week has taught me that you might not have to talk to everyone or

make everyone like you, but you will only take something out if you put in the

effort. During the week, I got the chance to listen to several different speakers

--- and one of my favorites was Julie Slama, a young senator from Peru,

Nebraska. One point that she really stressed was to try. And. if you might not

win or might not get what you want, you put in the effort and you tried. I have

also learned about new job opportunities and pathways that I could pursue after

high school. I also got the opportunity to visit the state capitol many times and I

had the privilege of meeting with a Supreme Court Judge and got to work with

an old case that went through the Court of Appeals.

Throughout the entire week, my town, Washington, had the privilege of

working together and creating solutions for problems in our town. At the end

of the week, we were told the results of the exams that we took earlier in the

week, and I am excited to say that I tied for 3rd on the Government Exam. My

town also received the award of high point town, and our town name gets to be

engraved on a trophy.

I met so many amazing girls that I got the honor of getting to know them. I

just wanted to thank you again for this amazing opportunity. This past week

was certainly one that I will cherish for a long time. Thank you!

Kelly Kohlhofwhere they are.