Commanders Message

Dr. William Jackson Post 3 Commander March 2020

                                     COMMANDER’S CALL “The Challenge” 

It’s a wonder that there are any soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, or coast guardsmen left after each and every one served their country to the best of their abilities. Why is that a problem, you might be pondering now? Quite simply: those who cared to offer their lives for their country continued that sacrifice by serving the community where they live, work, and play. 

But, you come again asking, earnestly, what does that have to do with your life now? I served my country. I have a family to take care. I haven’t ignored the call. 

So, why pick on me?
OK. My apologies for putting you on edge. But wait. If you’re on the razor’s 

edge of concern for how others think of your continuing veteran experience, then you’re right where I want you to be. For you are, my fellow veteran, the one I’m actually trying to reach with a sure-fire way to calm your feelings about not continuing to serve your community. I want to let you know there is  still an opportunity for you --- right here --- right now!

Have you ever heard of any United States veterans service organizations like 

the  Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Disabled American Veterans (I’m a U.S. Air Force, 100% service-connected, disabled veteran), or the American Legion --- to name a few? You have, huh? But you thought you wouldn’t fit in because --- well --- some of us are old, some of us enjoy a libation at our meeting place, and, of course, quite frankly, you think that maybe we might be hard to approach because of our Korean War (i.e., Chosin Reservoir), Vietnam, or now Iraq and Afghanistan conflict terrors. So, you mean as a warrior overseas, YOU never indulged in some little “merry-making”? 

Soooooooo. The point is: we’ve NEVER given up on you --- the hope of our present and, especially, this great nation’s future. Meet us half-way by stopping in, for example, at an American Legion Post 3 meeting. Meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month at the Lincoln Elks Lodge 80 located at 5910 South 58th Street --- adjacent to and just east of Raising Cane’s restaurant. Our membership meeting starts at 7:00 PM, but the Elks offer you a great burger, fries, and extras before the meeting. Bring the little lady and the younglings, too. 

Give us a chance to show you that we’re ALL veterans --- no matter when we served, what we did, or for how long. The American Legion’s Four Pillars encompass a variety of programs that benefit our nation’s veterans, its service members, their families, the youth of America, and ordinary citizens. They include: Pillar 1 --- Veterans Rehabilitation and Support; Pillar 2 --- National Security; Pillar 3 --- Americanism; and Pillar 4 --- Children & Youth. 

OK, what’s the beef, you’re asking, about those libations? The meeting room is closed off from the bar during meetings, and there’s plenty of room to mingle and sit near anyone. I may be a little prejudiced about this, but I believe you and your family will be pleasantly surprised at our American Legion decorum and orderliness. 

We’ll keep the light on for you.