Commanders Message

Dave Timmerman Post 3 Commander 2019



Looking back on the past year as your Commander, not

everything happened as I had hoped --- but there were some

good moments.

The American Legion baseball season is fast approaching

(and will probably have started by the time this issue of the

Lincoln Legionnaire goes to press). American Legion Post

3 and the Lincoln Baseball Association are partners in this

program. Kyle Sitzman was instrumental in resolving several issues. Sharing

responsibilities is the key to keeping our program going. Thank you, Kyle, for

your leadership. It was appreciated.

At our April meeting, fifty-two members were honored for their continuous

years of membership and service to the American Legion and our country.

There were thirty-seven 50-year continuous membership honorees and fifteen

60-year honorees. There were no 60-year members in attendance, but eleven 50-

year members attended the meeting and were awarded continuous membership


Two of the 50-year members I know personally. Art Jones is a member of

Post 3 and our Honor Guard, a Korean War veteran, and always and forever

a proud Marine. Dan Lowenberg is a friend who worked with my wife at the

ASCS office. Karen says, “Hi, Dan.” To those two members especially, and the

rest of the Legionnaires honored for their service to our country and for their

long and continuous service to American Legion Post 3, I say thank you.

I was honored to attend the Chancellor’s Review and ROTC Award Ceremony

at the University of Nebraska. District 15 Commander Gerry Wolf presented

awards and pins to ROTC cadets at this ceremony, along with other presenters. I

remembered why I did not care for parades and ceremonies --- a lot of standing

at parade rest while others received awards and recognition. Maybe I didn’t try

hard enough.

Also, I was able to attend the Lincoln area American Legion Cornhusker

Boys State and American Legion Auxiliary Cornhusker Girls State Orientation.

It was nice to meet some of our delegates. I hope they enjoy their week at Boys

State and Girls State. Gerry Wolf presided over the orientation introductions,

and Steve and Lorene Bartos are to be thanked for their efforts in organizing the

event and locating contributors for the delegates. Gerry asked the delegates

to introduce themselves and to mention their sponsor. A lot of them did not

know that the American Legion sponsors the Boys State program and that the

American Legion Auxiliary sponsors the Girls State program. While Post 3 and

Unit 3 also contribute the registration fees for some of the delegates, a number of

other local organizations also pay many of the fees.

The Honor Guard continues to serve our veterans and their families. Our

average age is the mid-70’s and older. Anyone interested in volunteering for

the Honor Guard is asked to please contact Fred Chrastil or Gerry Wolf at the

American Legion Post 3 office. It is a major commitment; but, if you have some

time to help, I know you will find it worthwhile.


Dave Timmerman

Commander, American Legion Post #3