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Dennis Pope Award 2018

Dennis  Pope graduated from Lincoln High School in 1968 and was a member of the  high school baseball team.  He participated in all phases of American  Legion Baseball.

Dennis  drowned in Pawnee Lake on July 14, 1968.  At that time, his family was  approached by the American Legion and coaches, suggesting that this  memorial award be established. A fund was also established to provide  for the annual presentation.

Each  season, the Dennis Pope Memorial Sportsmanship Award is given to a  senior American Legion Baseball player who has demonstrated true  sportsmanship during that season--and upholds the creed of the American  Legion Baseball program.
Selected as the recipient of the 2018 Dennis Pope Memorial Sportsmanship

Award was Bobby Mercier.  Mercier graduated from Lincoln High School and

played one year for the Junior Legion team sponsored by Surface Sealers and

three years for the Senior Legion team sponsored by Sampson Construction. He

was coached by Daniel Beckmann.

In Coach Beckmann’s nomination of Bobby for this award, he indicated that

“Bobby Mercier was consistently not only one of our top hitters and pitchers,

but was our top leader on the team. Bobby’s determination and consistency was remarkable.”

Coach Beckmann also wrote that “Bobby’s leadership throughout his time at Lincoln High and with Sampson Construction has left an imprint of his legacy that will be felt by the players who looked up to him. He set the expectation for what a player should do in the weight room, how they should act in the class

room, how they should compete on the field, and how they should represent the

program in the community.”

Presentation of the 2018 Dennis Pope Memorial Sportsmanship Award was

made by Jon Sterns and Coach Beckmann at the annual Post 3 American Legion Baseball Volunteers’ appreciation dinner held at Valentino’s on September 26th.

Bobby accepted the award with his parents --- John and Peggy Mercier ---- at his side.


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