Post 3 Legion Riders


We are NOT a motorcycle club!

We  are a part of the nation’s largest wartime veteran’s service  organization, members of the American Legion “Family” (Legionnaires,  Sons and Auxiliary members) who have joined together to ride our  motorcycles for fun and fellowship and to remember and dedicate our self  to our original purpose. Service to Our Country.

Being a part of the American Legion, the Riders are committed to:

1.      Mentoring youth and sponsorship of wholesome programs for them in our communities,

2.      Advocating patriotism and honor,

3.      Promoting strong national security, and

4.      Continued devotion to our fellow service members and veterans.

True  to the Legion's grassroots tradition, each local Riders chapter manages  its programs at the post level. Annually the Post 3 Riders are part of  many projects and events.

Membership Requirements

American Legion Riders Post #3 Lincoln NE

The requirements for membership are.

A.      An individual must be a current member of one of the following:

1.      An American Legion Post

2.      An American Legion Auxiliary Unit

3.      A Sons of the American Legion Squadron

B.       Each individual shall in order to establish and maintain  membership, own (name on title) a motorcycle of at least 350cc in size  (no ATV's) that is licensed and insured as required by Nebraska state  law.

C.       Each individual must have paid the required dues and submitted any required documentation annually.

Dues and Documentation of Membership

A.      Dues will be $20.00 per annual year. To remain a member annual dues will be required to be paid by April 1st, each year.

B.       To insure accurate information on members is maintained, Members  annually shall verify that the information contained on their original  application is current and correct or provide any changes to the  information at time of renewal of membership.

C.       Persons  joining the Chapter at any time during the year will be required to  submit a completed Post 3 ALR application to verify they meet membership  requirements and pay the annual dues for that year.

 Membership qualification may be verified at any time by the Sergeant at Arms.

2018 Officers

Leadership 2018

Commander:                       Jody Schmale

Vice-Commander:               Jerry Hutchison                        

Chaplain:                           Terry King

Secretary/Membership:       MiKe Streeter

Treasurer:                          Dave Dietz

Road Captain/Webmaster:  William Smisek

Sergeant-at-Arms:               Ray Gilbertson

Next Meeting Third Thursday of Every Month. 7:00 PM, Denton Legion Club

Last Meeting Minutes

Membership Application

Application for membership (pdf)


Minutes March Meeting

Meeting Held March 12 Denton Legion Club


ALR Post 3 Meeting Minutes

February 15, 2018

· Denton American Legion Post 355, Denton , NE

*1800 -meet and greet –Dinner furnished to members at their cost by Host.  . 

*1904 Call to order- By Commander

Present Colors and MIA Chair

Attention to Colors and Pledge of allegiance – By Commander Schmale

MIA Chair –by Vice Commander 

Prayer – by Vice Commander

Opening Introductions

New Members- self introductions – none

Officers –self introductions

Members in Attendance – self Introductions –17 total members present

Guests – introductions - none

Correspondence received for information or for action by membership

Commander received a thank you form family of Lannes Despain for our participation in his funeral. 

Streeter – Invite from Marine Corps League to participate in their poker run June 2, 2018 Sign up 1100 to 1300 One More Bar 836 N 70th. 

Reports from officers

Commander Schmale – none

Vice Commander Hutchison – talked to Ron Lechner and they would like us to participate at the Memorial Day program at Lincoln Memorial 

Park. I believe it is on May 28th. 

Talked to Dave Fisher and has approval to start Poker run tat Frontier HD. 

Treasurer Dietz –his report which was sent via E-mail -2-7-2018 to all members. Total for January 2018 of $2393.08. Collected $55 for bunker fund at this meeting. Motion by Ron Bevard to accept second by Hank Bruner. Motion to accept passed.

Secretary Streeter- January meeting minutes sent via E-mail 1-21-2018 to all members. Call for additions, correction, revisions none needed. Motion to approve by Rick Simmons second by Roger Hanseling. Motion Passed to approve

Streeter - Membership- 2018 paid membership is at 33+ 2 received today  

Sgt. At Arms Gilbertson - Nothing

Road Captain Smisek – working on poker run route. 

Old Business 

Commander Schmale – Poker Run June 9th – working on it route due in March. 

Commander Schmale - Sign up for ABATE bike Show all slots full THANKS – Thyme for year is “party like a rock star”. Show is February 16th through 18th. Commander Schmale has signup sheet. We have poker run flyer and Raffle flyer made up. There is a problem with getting the Flag for the raffle. The business that makes them is moving locations unknown when we will get a flag. Set up of our booth will be Friday afternoon when Commander Jody gets there. 

New Business

Commander Schmale –discussed the prototype newsletter Commander sent out in the last week. Consensus is to use both this tool and e-mail to get info out to membership. Commander will try to send out monthly. 

Streeter – Proposal for parade info and who we are document for web pages and recruiting new members. We will use this to tell everyone who we are and what we do.

Comments from Floor Commander Schmale – 

Joe Dennick – March 17th is St. Patties day celebration a Ceresco Legion Club, Corn Beef and Cabbage for $10.

Mike Streeter- Hickman legion Fish Fry is March 9th and 23 starting at 1700. 

Next meeting date and place – March 15th, Denton Legion Club same time. 

Closing Prayer- Vice Commander

Retirement of Colors – By Commander 

Meeting adjourned at: 1942


Respectfully submitted by Mike  



Annual Flag Day Poker Run

Saturday, June 9, 2018 


April Kick Stand Newsletter