Post 3 Legion Riders


We are NOT a motorcycle club!

We  are a part of the nation’s largest wartime veteran’s service  organization, members of the American Legion “Family” (Legionnaires,  Sons and Auxiliary members) who have joined together to ride our  motorcycles for fun and fellowship and to remember and dedicate our self  to our original purpose. Service to Our Country.

Being a part of the American Legion, the Riders are committed to:

1.      Mentoring youth and sponsorship of wholesome programs for them in our communities,

2.      Advocating patriotism and honor,

3.      Promoting strong national security, and

4.      Continued devotion to our fellow service members and veterans.

True  to the Legion's grassroots tradition, each local Riders chapter manages  its programs at the post level. Annually the Post 3 Riders are part of  many projects and events.


Membership Requirements


American Legion Riders Post #3 Lincoln, NE

The requirements for membership are.

A. An individual must be a current member of one of the following: 

1. An American Legion Post 

2. An American Legion Auxiliary Unit

3. A Sons of the American Legion Squadron

B. Each individual shall in order to establish and maintain membership, own (name on title) a motorcycle of at least 350cc in size (no ATV's) that is licensed and insured as required by Nebraska state law.

C.Each individual must have paid the required dues and submitted any required documentation annually.

Dues and Documentation of Membership

a. Dues will be $20.00 per annual year. To remain a member annual dues will be required to be paid by April 1st, each year. 

b. To insure accurate information on members is maintained, Members annually shall verify that the information contained on their original application is current and correct or provide any changes to the information at time of renewal of membership. 

c. Persons joining the Chapter at any time during the year will be required to submit a completed Post 3 ALR application to verify they meet membership requirements and pay the annual dues for that year. 

Membership qualification may be verified at any time by the Sergeant at Arms.




Leadership 2019-20

Commander:                       Jody Schmale

Vice-Commander:               Jerry Hutchison                        

Chaplain:                           Terry King

Secretary/Membership:       MiKe Streeter

Treasurer:                          Dave Dietz

Road Captain/Webmaster:  William Smisek

Sergeant-at-Arms:               Ray Gilbertson

Next Meeting Third Thursday of Every Month. 7:00 PM, Denton Legion Club


Membership Application

Application for membership (pdf)


Minutes June Meeting

Meeting Held Denton Legion Club

ALR Post 3 Meeting minutes June 16, 2019 

Denton American Legion Post 355, Denton, NE

Present Colors and MIA Chair  

Attention to Colors and Pledge of allegiance – by Commander

MIA Chair – By Chaplin Glen Masek

Prayer – By Chaplin Glen Masek

Opening Introductions  

New Members- self introductions – none

Officers –self introductions- none

Members in Attendance – 19 total members present  

Guests – introductions –none 

Correspondence received for information or for action by membership 

Commander – received an e-mail from Timberlake SE ALR representative who has been asked by new State Commander to be State ALR rep.

E-mail on the Robert Swanson award - there are four in the running, winner will be announced at state Convention.

Reports from officers 

Commander – Schmale – ride to Norfolk for WWII Pearl Harbor vet buried in Bloomfield. Thanks to the two who went to represent us at this event. 

Commander - thanks to the 9 ALR members who did the flag line at the Denton Car Show. 

Vice Commander - Hutchison – none

Treasurer – Dietz –.

May 2019 report sent to all membership via e-mail on June 18, 2019, Total for end of month $2589.98. Tonight $61was collected for bunker fund at this meeting less $20 to server. Motion to approve report by Rick Simmons second by Hank Bruner, motion approved.  

Secretary Streeter- May meeting minutes were posted on the Post 3 ALR web page for all members review and membership notified via e-mail on 5-30-2019. Call for additions, correction, revisions. Motion to approve minutes by Rick Simmons second by John Stevens, motion approved. 

Secretary Streeter – Reported on membership-2019 paid membership is 43. 

Sgt. at Arms Gilbertson – none

Road Captain Smisek – Official Fun Rides committee (Hutchison, Streeter, Gubser and Paulson) were asked to help with poker run planning. Commander designated that they do so. 

Old Business 

Rides Committee member Bruce Gubser brought up the proposed ride to the Vets Home in Kearney. This was discussed and it was proposed to do it on September 2 in conjunction with the State Fair Vets Parade. More info to follow. Committee (Hutchison, Streeter, Gubser and Paulson) will work on it. 

New Business 

Commander – Seward 4th of July need a head count to reserve space for our involvement a ride order to follow.

Need participation for the Dale Quick Funeral on Monday June 24th 1000 ride order to follow for this event.

Scheels flag exchange at 1300 to 1600 on June 28th. A ride order will follow for this event.  

Comments from Floor

Commander - As we have participated in the Wilber, DeWitt, Beatrice, Milford, Ceresco and Nebraska City parades Commander will check into them to see if our involvement is requested.

Chaplin Masek – reported there was a good turn out in Ashland for blessing of the bikes.

Next meeting date and place –July 18th same times and place.  

Closing Prayer- By Chaplin Masek

Retirement of Colors – By Commander

Meeting adjourned at: 1935    


Respectfully submitted by Mike Streeter Secretary June 27, 2019


Commanders Message



Round round get around, I get

around, Yeah, Get around round

round I get around, I get around….

Thank you, Beach Boys, for those great lyrics to a great

summer song. Summer has started and with it a big riding

season for the American Legion Riders. Spring got off to a

rocky start after several accidents around the state put motorcycle riders on edge

about safety. I am hoping you have been watching for our 2 (and 3) wheeled

members and friends. Always remember to look twice.

The Lincoln Chapter of the American Legion Riders are continuing to roll on

with our usual activities of Parades, Poker Runs, and Flag Lines.

Flag Lines are an unusual honor for us. Or, at least I feel they are. People

come to thank us every time we do one, but we don’t do it for the thanks or the

attention. I hope most or all the members see it as a way to thank a veteran one

last time for the service they gave the country --- no matter the amount of time

in uniform --- and for their family to know that their loved one’s service hasn’t

been forgotten or diminished in its importance. I am thankful for every one of

our members who help stand in that line when we are asked to do it.

In April, we had the special honor of escorting Bruce Moore’s remains, along

with his family, to his final resting spot in the Omaha National Cemetery. Bruce’s

story was covered by local television news when his ashes were discovered in

an abandoned house. After a little work, his family was located in Lincoln;

and his remains returned to them. But, the story didn’t end there because those

who were involved, including a Lincoln ALR member, continued working to

make sure a spot was found for Bruce among his fellow veterans in the Omaha

National Cemetery.

The day of his dedication was warm and sunny with a nice breeze. The Post

3 Honor Guard was there to do their duty, and the Lincoln ALR was joined by

members of the Benson and Papillion ALR Chapters --- as well as a group of

AMVet riders. The family was so grateful for the turnout and the support.

Please know that the Lincoln Chapter of the ALR is here to stand a flag line

when we are asked. There may not be many there, depending on the day and time

of the services, but if we can make it, we’ll be there. If you know of a veteran

or the family of a veteran who would like the ALR to have a flag line at their

services, please feel free to contact me at (402) 817-8422 or proudnavysister75@

Luckily, not all of our activities are sad or somber ones. As I said, the group

will be doing a number of parades this summer and a few poker runs. Our

Chapter’s poker run is being moved to September this year to see if we can thin

out the number of other rides we are competing against to get folks to ride. Our

Poker Run will be Saturday, September 7th.

We also help support veterans and the community in monetary ways. For

example, we alternate supporting one Cornhusker Boys State or one Cornhusker

Girls State citizen each year. We help support a cash fund for veterans in

emergency need, which the Post oversees for us.

The Chapter is also helping support sunscreen and lip balm kits for our service

personnel overseas. A fellow ALR member and Mary Kay rep is collecting

funds to purchase these kits. Our Chapter just voted to sponsor 4 kits. The

kits will be purchased through Mary Kay and then shipped/distributed by the

North Carolina USO to areas needing them. Each kit is $30. The ALR Mary

Kay Rep is then covering the sales tax and shipping for every kit sponsored;

and, in addition, is MATCHING EVERY KIT SPONSORED. This means that

while the Lincoln ALR Chapter is sponsoring 4 kits, 8 will actually be going. If

you would like to help sponsor a kit, contact me through the cell phone number

above or at the email above. That number does accept text messages as well.

Nebraska ALR Chapters will also be busy this year hosting not 1 --- but 2 ---

Romps within the borders of Nebraska. The annual State Romp will be in July,

and the Regional Romp will be held June 6-9. Both events will be held in the

panhandle of the state.

As I have more things to get around and around to, just want to close this

article out with one last image. Most of you probably don’t know that I have

finished 5 Half Marathons, four of them being the Lincoln Nebraska National

Guard Half Marathon.

This year, I was sent a video clip of the very start of the runners being started.

My pace group starts about 30-45 minutes after these runners start. In this clip,

I saw National Guard members who carry “ruck sacks” start out. These are full

40lb packs that they carry the entire route, in full ACU (Army Combat Uniform)

– including boots. Then I saw the first group of regular runners move to the

Start Line. A National Guard Chaplain said a quick prayer, and the National

Anthem was played. Everyone who could see at that Start Line stood still and

either saluted or had their hand on their heart. From my point of view (in the

back), it was the same thing. Everyone stood still, no one talked, and no one took

a knee. It was a beautiful sight on a warm May morning.

Have a Great (Safe) Summer!!!.

Jody Schmale




May Kick Stand Newsletter