Post 3 American Legion Riders


We are NOT a motorcycle club!

We  are a part of the nation’s largest wartime veteran’s service  organization, members of the American Legion “Family” (Legionnaires,  Sons and Auxiliary members) who have joined together to ride our  motorcycles for fun and fellowship and to remember and dedicate our self  to our original purpose. Service to Our Country.

Being a part of the American Legion, the Riders are committed to:

1.      Mentoring youth and sponsorship of wholesome programs for them in our communities,

2.      Advocating patriotism and honor,

3.      Promoting strong national security, and

4.      Continued devotion to our fellow service members and veterans.

True  to the Legion's grassroots tradition, each local Riders chapter manages  its programs at the post level. Annually the Post 3 Riders are part of  many projects and events.


Membership Requirements


American Legion Riders Post #3 Lincoln, NE

The requirements for membership are.

A. An individual must be a current member of one of the following: 

1. An American Legion Post 

2. An American Legion Auxiliary Unit

3. A Sons of the American Legion Squadron

B. Each individual shall in order to establish and maintain membership, own (name on title) a motorcycle of at least 350cc in size (no ATV's) that is licensed and insured as required by Nebraska state law.

C.Each individual must have paid the required dues and submitted any required documentation annually.

Dues and Documentation of Membership

a. Dues will be $20.00 per annual year. To remain a member annual dues will be required to be paid by April 1st, each year. 

b. To insure accurate information on members is maintained, Members annually shall verify that the information contained on their original application is current and correct or provide any changes to the information at time of renewal of membership. 

c. Persons joining the Chapter at any time during the year will be required to submit a completed Post 3 ALR application to verify they meet membership requirements and pay the annual dues for that year. 

Membership qualification may be verified at any time by the Sergeant at Arms.




Leadership 2019-20

Commander:                           Bruce Gubser

Vice-Commander:               Ray Paulson                        

Chaplain:                                 Glen Mashek

Secretary/Membership:      MiKe Streeter

Treasurer:                               Dave Dietz

Road Captain/Webmaster:  William Smisek

Sergeant-at-Arms:                Ray Gilbertson

Next Meeting Third Thursday of Every Month. 7:00 PM, Denton Legion Club


Membership Application

Application for membership (pdf)


Minutes MAY 2020 Meeting

Meeting Held by ZOOM


ALR Post 3 Meeting minutes

May 21, 2020

ZOOM service electronic meeting

1903 call to order- By Commander Gubser

Present Colors and MIA Chair

Attention to Colors 

Prayer– By Chaplin Masek

Pledge of Allegiance – By Commander

Opening Introductions

Officer Roll Call – by Secretary Streeter

Commander - present

Vice Commander - present

Secretary - present

Treasurer - present

Ride Captain - present

Sergeant at Arms - absent

Self-Introduction of 14 members signed onto zoom meeting

Minutes from previous meeting – by Secretary

February 2020 meeting minutes were posted on the Post 3 ALR web page and all members were advised to review on 3/2/2020. Call for corrections, additions or deletions, none needed. Motion to approve made by Paulson second by Stevens, motion approved.

Membership report – 2020 year stands at 37 active members. Members list sent to all members 4/23/2020 via e-mail.

Financial Report – by Treasurer Dietz

February. March and April report sent to all members via e-mail on May 10, 2020. Balance for End of April was $2973.56. Motion to approve report made by Streeter second by Smisek, motion approved.

Reports from officers

- Commander – 

- State Romp information September 18, 19 and 20. Benson Legion ALR Host. 

- Nebraska’s Memorial Day Observation 2020 is Monday at State Capitol.

- VFW Post 131 Memorial Day Cemetery Trek. 

- June 20th Denton Car Show.

- Check days in Wilber and 4th of July in Seward canceled

- Legion riders fun ride on Sunday June 14thmeet at 1000 at frontier Harley. For secrete destination. 

- Part of our chapter went to Weeping Water last Sunday to try to start a new ALR at that location. 

- Vice Commander- Paulson – 

- 2020 Veterans Parade Lincoln theme is “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans”. No additional details as of yet. 

- Secretary- Streeter

o Correspondence – Girls State, Return of our donation and cancelation letter received. 

- Treasurer – Dietz nothing 

- Ride Captain Smisek – nothing

- There have been a couple of rides that have occurred or will be occurring to honor people with drive buys for birth day or other reason of note.

- Sergeant at Arms - absent

Reports from Committees


Old Business 

Commander - No news on raffle for this year on hold for now Due to national emergency for COVID-19

New Business

Dave Dietz – discussed the use of ALR funds for support of the Lincoln Public School Foundation. 

Other Comments for the Good of the Chapter 

Streeter – David Luton is asking for help on Facebook at 0900 Friday 5/22 to set up the National Display of Remembering Our Fallen in front of the Pinnacle Bank Arena. 

Streeter – Notice from Adam Armstrong via buddy check Facebook page. that at 1900 on Friday the 22ndthere will be a Nebraska Buddy Check ZOOM meeting zoom Meeting ID: 869 5019 1934 and no password is required. 

Jack Sibert – advised that Post 3 will NOT be hosting Legion Baseball in Lincoln for 2020. 

Next meeting date and place – normally on June 18th but may or may not be held depending on National Emergency with COVID-19.  Membership will be advised by Commander when decision is made. 

Closing Prayer- Chaplain Masek

Adjournment – Commander 

Meeting adjourned at: 1947

Respectfully submitter by Mike Streeter Post 3 ALR Secretary May 22, 2020


Commanders Message

2020 Welcome


Comrades and friends,


Your American Legion Riders Chapter met on January 16, 2020 and installed officers for the coming year. Nebraska State ALR Liaison Marty Timberlake served as installing officer. 

The 2020 officers are:
Bruce Gubser, Commander
Ray Paulson, Vice Commander Mike Streeter, Secretary
Dave Dietz, Treasurer
Ray Gilbertson, Sergeant-at-Arms William Smisek, Ride Captain. 

While there isn’t much riding going on during these winter months, a few souls have braved the elements and cooler temperatures to “get their knees in the breeze.” The chapter will use these cooler months to get some good plans in place for when the weather warms up. Some items on our tentative schedule include dinner/lunch rides, a couple of Poker Runs, and a potential raffle. 

We meet on the third Thursday of every month at the Denton American Legion Club with dinner at 6:00 PM and the meeting at 7:00 PM. We welcome all motorcycle riders / owners of a motorcycle with an engine greater than 350cc --- regardless of make or model. 

If you ride, please come on out and join us. 

Bruce Gubser, Commander 

Post 3 American Legion Riders