Post 3 Legion Riders


We are NOT a motorcycle club!

We  are a part of the nation’s largest wartime veteran’s service  organization, members of the American Legion “Family” (Legionnaires,  Sons and Auxiliary members) who have joined together to ride our  motorcycles for fun and fellowship and to remember and dedicate our self  to our original purpose. Service to Our Country.

Being a part of the American Legion, the Riders are committed to:

1.      Mentoring youth and sponsorship of wholesome programs for them in our communities,

2.      Advocating patriotism and honor,

3.      Promoting strong national security, and

4.      Continued devotion to our fellow service members and veterans.

True  to the Legion's grassroots tradition, each local Riders chapter manages  its programs at the post level. Annually the Post 3 Riders are part of  many projects and events.

Membership Requirements


American Legion Riders Post #3 Lincoln, NE

The requirements for membership are.

A. An individual must be a current member of one of the following: 

1. An American Legion Post 

2. An American Legion Auxiliary Unit

3. A Sons of the American Legion Squadron

B. Each individual shall in order to establish and maintain membership, own (name on title) a motorcycle of at least 350cc in size (no ATV's) that is licensed and insured as required by Nebraska state law.

C.Each individual must have paid the required dues and submitted any required documentation annually.

Dues and Documentation of Membership

a. Dues will be $20.00 per annual year. To remain a member annual dues will be required to be paid by April 1st, each year. 

b. To insure accurate information on members is maintained, Members annually shall verify that the information contained on their original application is current and correct or provide any changes to the information at time of renewal of membership. 

c. Persons joining the Chapter at any time during the year will be required to submit a completed Post 3 ALR application to verify they meet membership requirements and pay the annual dues for that year. 

Membership qualification may be verified at any time by the Sergeant at Arms.


2018 Officers

Leadership 2018

Commander:                       Jody Schmale

Vice-Commander:               Jerry Hutchison                        

Chaplain:                           Terry King

Secretary/Membership:       MiKe Streeter

Treasurer:                          Dave Dietz

Road Captain/Webmaster:  William Smisek

Sergeant-at-Arms:               Ray Gilbertson

Next Meeting Third Thursday of Every Month. 7:00 PM, Denton Legion Club

Last Meeting Minutes

Membership Application

Application for membership (pdf)


Minutes September Meeting

Meeting Held Denton Legion Club


ALR Post 3 Meeting Agenda 

September 20, 2018 

Denton American Legion Post 355, Denton, NE 

1800 -meet and greet –Dinner furnished to members at their cost by Host. 

1859 Call to order- By Vice Commander Hutchison 

Present Colors and MIA Chair 

Attention to Colors and Pledge of allegiance – by Vice Commander Hutchison 

MIA Chair –by Chaplin King 

Prayer – by Chaplin King 

Opening Introductions 

New Members- self introductions – none 

Officers –self introductions 

Members in Attendance – self Introductions – 17 total members present 

Guests – introductions – none 

Correspondence received for information or for action by membership 

Streeter – Honor Mission from PGR for Ralph Bierman Sunday 9-23-18 review 

details, Streeter will send info to all members via e-mail so they can join PGR on 

this mission. 

West point Gun Show sponsored by Post 159 Sons October 13 & 14 reviewed e- 

mail invitation from Post 159 ALR. 

Reminder about Female Veterans Flight Monday 9-24, 2018 anticipate request for 

welcome home mission. 

Reports from officers 

Commander – absent 

Vice Commander Hutchison – Haunted Armory.  It's Saturday, Oct 27 (1600 to 

2000).  Exact location TBA.  They are planning an outdoor "Trunk or Treat" this 

year, instead of indoor booths.  I will supply the Trunk (in either the truck or our 

van), but I would like to find two or three volunteers WITH TRIKES to come out 

and let the kids sit on the bikes.  I think the Trikes would be more stable and less 

apt for a bike to tip over.  We'll also need either cash or bagged candy to be 

donated by members. 

Lincoln Bike Show ABATE – February 15 through 17, 2019 entry cost $12 each 

this year, theme is “Motorcycle Movie Madness” need bike entry forms from all 

who wish to show their bikes. More info to follow. . 

Treasurer Dietz –reviewed his report sent to all members via e-mail 9-17-2018. 

Total for August 2018 of $3,271.33. Collected $79 for bunker fund at this 

meeting. Motion to accept by Ron Bevard second by Rick Simmons, Motion 


Secretary Streeter- August meeting minutes were posted on the Post 3 ALR web 

page for all members review membership notified via e-mail on 9-4-2018. Call 

for additions, correction, revisions. None received Motion to approve minutes by 

Rick Simmons second by John Stevens, motion to approve passed. 

Secretary Streeter – reported on membership- 2018 paid membership is at 46. 

Sgt. At Arms Gilbertson - absent 

Road Captain Smisek –Apple Jack Fest is this coming weekend e-mail will be 

sent out to membership who wish to join the Christian MC association with ride 

to Nebraska City and participation with them in parade. 

Old Business 

Vice Commander Hutchison – reported on our efforts and the Info on showing of 

“Sgt. Stubby” Commander Schmale has all of the tickets and information. 

Showing is on September 24 there will be 2 showings. Location is the Marcus 

Theater on 56 th and Hwy 2. Has great reviews. 

Chaplin King reminded us of the motion from August meeting to tip our server at 

each meeting $20 from treasury. Treasurer will pay tip. 

New Business none 

Comments from Floor – 

Streeter- reviewed his participation in the 2018 Legacy Run on August 19 and 

20 th . This year over 1.5 million raised for this cause. – 

William Smisek – reviewed members years of association with the ALR. Streeter 

suggested method of recognizing this for all members – Patch or Pin for vest. 

Discussed briefly and tabled this discussion until October 2018 meeting as new 


Next meeting date and place – October 18, 2018 same place and time. 

Commanders raffle drawing- not held 

Closing Prayer- Chaplin King 

Retirement of Colors – By Vice Commander Hutchison 

Meeting adjourned at: 1920 

Respectfully submitted September 23, 2018 Mike Streeter Secretary. 

Meeting minutes 9-20-2018.docxPage 1 of 3

Commanders Message



Winding down the parades;

warming up the Movie....

The ALR has had another busy summer with Poker Runs,

Flag Lines, and lots of Parades. We’ve been to Wilber,

Milford, Hickman, and Dwight and have the State Fair in

Grand Island coming up. We were given the honor of leading

nearly 200 motorcyclists escorting a bus on the Vietnam Veterans trip to the

Muntz Motorcycle Museum in Tecumseh. On that escort, we were joined by

ALR members from Omaha, York, Kearney, North Platte, and even LaMars,

IA. What a sight that was on that day. I followed in my pickup as a support

vehicle. I couldn’t ever see the front of the line.

We are waiting for a “film” that is being put together by a company called

Digital Sky. They filmed parts of the escort by camera and drone. The sight

along the road from Syracuse to Tecumseh was moving. Farmers stopped their

work, and families were at side roads with signs and flags. Men removed their

hats and covered their hearts. Women and kids waved. It was so moving. I can

never thank my ALR members as well as members of the Zodiac Motorcycle

Club --- and random others --- who helped to block traffic to get everyone

through all the intersections together safely.

Now, as summer winds down, I want to tell you about a change of pace for

our group. Earlier this summer, at a Post 3 meeting, I talked about a special

opportunity the American Legion (nation wide). I’d like to tell everyone about it

now after getting the approval from members at the meeting.

A production company named Fun Academy has helped us make arrangements

with Edgewood Marcus Theatres to show an animated movie called “Sgt.

Stubby: An American Hero.” Before you “older” members dismiss this movie,

it’s a movie for the WHOLE family. We will have two showings to give you two

chances see it.

Sgt. Stubby was a REAL dog who served in the US Army in World War I.

Stubby was a Bull Terrier who befriended a soldier while they were drilling for

the pending war. When the soldier shipped out, Stubby was smuggled along.

During his time in Europe, Stubby was a part of 17 battles and even saved his

regiment. While his rank was never officially documented, his actions are well

documented by the newspapers of the times.

To join us for a viewing of “Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero,” you can join us

at Edgewood Theatre (56th and Hwy 2) on Monday, September 24th, at either

2:00 PM or 7:00 PM. The ticket price for the 2:00 PM showing is just $5.00; and

the 7:00 PM showing will be just $7.00. Marcus is also setting up a deal for a

small 44oz. popcorn and a 20 oz. soda for just $3.00. There will only be 150 tickets for EACH showing, so make sure to reserve

your seat soon. Tickets can be reserved by emailing (proudnavysister75@gmail.

com), messaging on Facebook (search for American Legion Riders Post 3), or

even calling my cell (which is 402.817.8422 – leave a message). I’ll also have

tickets at the September Post 3 meeting. Tickets can be paid for ahead of time

OR you can pay the day of the showing.

In addition to the movie, we will be collecting donations for a “working dog”

group. Donations could be in the form of dog food, blankets, food dishes, dog

toys, or cash (that day) for big supplies like crates. I am still working on which

group will be the beneficiary, but it will be a law enforcement or group working

with training veteran support dogs.

ALR Commander Post #3

Jody Schmale



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