Minutes of Meeting

June Minutes





Regular Meeting of American Legion Post 3
Lincoln Elks Lodge #80
July 10, 2018


The colors being in place, Commander Jack Sibert opened the July 10, 2018 meeting of American Legion Post 3 at 7:00 PM at the Lincoln Elks Lodge #80, with about 30 Legionnaires and guests present.  

The reading of the minutes was suspended. They were approved as printed and posted on the website or newsletter.

Ed Schnabel gave the financial report for the month showing a balance on hand of $28,620.81 for the month ending June 30. 2018. The report was accepted and filed for audit.

Larry Mach, a member of Prague Post 254, was introduced. Legionnaire Mach announced his candidacy for Department Sr. Vice Commander for the 2019-2020 year. Ed Muggy introduced his wife and granddaughter. The commander introduced Trevor Anderson, a 2018 Boys State delegate from Lincoln.

Veterans of the various war eras were asked to stand and be recognized.

Ed Schnabel reported that 2018 membership stood at 1642, and 234 dues for 2019 had already been collected.

Jody Schmale reported for the Legion Riders via a written report read by the commander. Plans are still in the works to show the Sgt. Stubby movie. 

The commander went through a list of committee chairs to verify who would be carrying on into the new year.

Fred Chrastil reported for the Memorial Squad and commented on the Ray Mathis funeral. The commander pointed out that the Memorial Squad is aging and is always in need of recruiting more volunteers.

The commander called on Past Commander Ed Muggy to present the 2018 Scholarship to Taylor Lemons.

Trevor Anderson was introduced again and spoke about his experiences at Cornhusker Boys State. Endorsed by Post 3, Trevor’s registration fee had been paid by the Cornhusker Kiwanis Club. Trevor thanked the American Legion for providing the Boys State program and said that he found it very worthwhile.

It was announced that Post 3 would conduct a flag retirement ceremony on July 25th.

Ed Schnabel announced that there would be a picnic lunch for veterans at the VA hospital tomorrow from 11:00 – noon.

District Commander Gerry Wolf installed the following officers for the coming year:

Fred Craigie --- 3-year term on the Executive Committee

Pam Umphenour --- 1st Vice Commander 

Dave Timmerman --- Commander 

It was announced that Jerry Cummings --- elected as 2nd Vice Commander last month ---- had contacted the commander and indicated he was relocating to Florida and would not be able to fulfil the duties of 2nd Vice Commander. The position will be filled later.

Commander Timmerman then made a few remarks.

There will be no meeting in August.

TAPS was read, and the meeting was closed in proper form at about 8:00 PM.

Steve Bartos


JUNE 2018

District 15 POST 3

123 S. 84th St. Suite L

Lincoln NE 68510

(402) 466-3958

Post meetings held the 2nd Tuesday of each month At the Elks Club

5910 South 58th at 7:00 p.m.

All members are invited to attend.


  • Final Call. With an increase in dues January 1, 2018 your dues rate is now $46.00 National sent the latest renewal notices the first week of January. Due to a mistake the renewal notices indicated $40 dues instead of $46. If you have not renewed yet for the 2018 year (check the date on your current membership card), the dues are $46 not $40. National mailed a letter to all members who have not paid to tell them of this mistake. We are still receiving dues payment off $40.00 and a renewal slip that was sent prior to January 1, 2018. Sorry, but we cannot accept the late payment of $40.00. Several month of prior notice was given about the dues increase. This causes a hardship on our post. We must notify members that the amount received is not correct. If you paid $40.00 after January first and have not received your 2018 card, we have notified you and are waiting for the corrected amount, or a letter from you requesting the return of your check. Please let us know! Try renewing on line at legion.org. which does reflect the correct dues amount. Select Renew Membership. It is a very easy and quick process. This method is easier for our staff to process, but we will gladly process you check or stop in our office at 123 South 84th Street if you prefer to pay cash. Thank you for your past membership and support of Legion Post 3. If you have as item you would like to add to our Post 3 Newsletter, you must first have it approved.  Please contact our Adjutant for any postings. If you receive a renewal and you have already paid your dues, do not pay it again, toss it. Due to a time delay in mailing to state and national our information may not reach the renewal mailing in time and you might receive a notice that your dues were not paid when they were. Check your card. It will have 2018 as a date of membership. Simply put you have paid your dues for 2018. Throw the notice away! 2019 dues notice will be coming in June for renewal.  Don’t wait until the final moment to pay your dues. 
  • Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 10th,
  • 2018 at the Elk Lodge. Our guest speaker will be:
    Traci Van Deest PhD Forensic Anthropologist,Offutt AFB. This talk will center around the identification of past service members remains.
  • It is also time to begin the process of nominations for Commander, First and Second Commander and  1 executive board position. If you have an interest or know of someone to fill these positions, let us know. Jack Sibert is completing his second term as Commander and will assume District 15 Vice Commander next year. Right now the present 1st and 2nd Vice Commanders would move up if nominated. Looking for nominations for 2nd Vice Commander. Hope to see you there. As always thank you for your membership and most important Thank You for your service.
  • The Lincoln Memorial Day Observation Association
  • (LMDOA) started meeting in January on the third Thursday of the month in preparation for Memorial Day services in Lincoln. Your participation is encouraged. We will continue to meet on the third Thursday of the month.
  • Unit 3 members Marilyn Johnson and Diane Craigie will be helping to Prepare for “Girls State.” This is a wonderful program for young ladies. It helps develop leadership and self-confidence.
  • Becky Bowman, President 
  • ALA Lincoln Unit 3 
  • We are glad to have   1 new members and 4 Transfer-in, in April.
  • Coffeehaus   Please join us on the third Friday of every month from 11am – 1pm in the Auditorium of the Lincoln VA, 600 South 70th Street. If you would like a Flyer Please let me know.   
  • See Attachment 
  • TAPS for April  2018
  • Andersen, Dewey R. WWII 4/21/2018 
  • Hickerson, Ray _ WWII 4/13/2018 
  • Kirlin, Albert D. WWII 4/03/2018 
  • Koenig, Elvin WWII 4/24/2018  
  • Kohlhof, Lavern L. Korea 4/08/2018 
  • Policky, Richard WWII 3/31/2018 
  • Shimonek, Bonnie A. WWII 4/17/2018  
  • Whitworth, Samuel A. Korea 3/02/2018  
  • Willemsen, Henry A. WWII 2/05/