POST 3 (January 2020) NEWS LETTEr

District 15 POST 3

123 S. 84th St. Suite L

Lincoln NE 68510

(402) 466-3958

Post meetings held the 2nd Tuesday of each month At the Elks Club

5910 South 58th at 7:00 p.m.

All members are invited to attend

From The Commander

Sssssooooo…you made it through all the holiday hoopla, with little hang-overs, and deeper in debt. And then there is that very familiar, yet seemingly extra weight of resolutions to make and fulfill.

Well, let’s get down to it. Number one in your plan for a prosperous new year should be—after your church, of course—your friendly, neighborhood American Legion Post 3. Yessiree, located right here in this wonderful town of Lincoln, NE. No finer real estate for working, playing, educating, and serving this community at large than you’ll find anywhere. And since, as a Nebraska Legionnaire, you’ve determinably served your nation, why  not continue your history of service through many of the Legion’s Four Pillars programs and services.

All I’m saying is: give the Legion your best shot for maintaining this cozy little corner of Nebraska we all love and enjoy. Do what you may to keep Post 3 here a viable and respectable destination for all veterans and their families. 

Rev. Dr. William Jackson

ALP 3 Commander

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, Jan 14, 2020, at the Lincoln Elks Lodge #80.

From the Adjutant

Happy New Year,  hope all of you had nice Christmas.

As it is time that the next round of renewals to be mailed out from National,  I want to remind everyone that if you know you have paid your 2020 dues and you happen to get a notice, just throw it away.   If you mailed your dues in during December, you will most likely receive a dues notice as National was shut down for almost two weeks, thus did not process any dues over the Christmas break.

If you have a son, daughter, grandchild, etc. who will graduate from high school this spring and is thinking of going on for some form of post-secondary education, remember the Post has three $500.00 scholarships that it will award this May.  

If you happen to know of any families of veterans who are in need of a burial plot, Post 3 has a number of plots that have been donated to the Post.   The plots are in the Lincoln Memorial Park


Again, thanks to all those who have paid their 2020 dues.  When we see a veteran, ask if they belong to a Post, if not, ask why not?    You would be surprise how many have never been asked to join a VSO.  So, when you Thank a Soldier for his/her service, tell them that they need to join a VSO, and tell them about the American Legion.

Ed Schnabel,

Post 3 Adjutant


We have   0 new members and 1 Transfer-in, in Dec. 

As of  Dec. 31 2019, Post 3 membership for 2020 stands at 1267 or  86.6 percent of our 2020 goal.

VA Coffeehaus

Please join us on the third Friday of every month from 11am – 1230 pm in the Auditorium of the Lincoln VA, 600 South 70th Street. If you would like a Flyer Please let me know.

TAPS for Dec. 2019 

Name                                                War      Yrs   Death     

Amen, Harry J.                                   Korea 56 12/23/1019

Desmond, John                              Korea 29 12/17/2019

Erickson, Marvin A.                        WWII 41 12/23/2019

Jobst, Verdon C.                                Korea 35 12/09/2019

Jochim, Eugen R.                              Korea 51 12/17/2019

Kamrath Vincent A.                         Korea 58 12/24/2019

Rowe, Wayne F.                                 WWII 60 12/02/2019

Way, Rodney D.                                 Vietnam   2 12/23/2019

Wolford, James C.                            WWII 58 12/04/2019


Regular Meeting of American Legion Post 3
Lincoln Elks Lodge #80
January 14, 2020

The colors being in place, Commander William Jackson opened the January 14, 2020, meeting of American Legion Post 3 at 7:00 PM at the Lincoln Elks Lodge #80 with about 20 Legionnaires and guests present.

The minutes of the December meeting were read and approved.

Ed Schnabel gave the finance report for the month ending December 31, 2019, showing a balance on hand of $35107.12.   Ed also reported over the last 5-6 years, the interest earned on investments and deposited into savings amounted to $23,981.  Two of our current investment accounts currently are valued at about $240,000.

Veterans of the various war eras were asked to stand and be recognized.

Ed Schnabel reported that membership stood at 1274 --- about 88% of goal.  Steve Bartos also made a few comments about membership on the state and national levels.

ody Schmale reported for the Legion Riders.   She announced that Bruce Gubser had been elected as their new commander and would be installed on Thursday.

Steve Bartos reported for Boys State.  He indicated that information had been sent out to the schools and also to potential donors.

Gerry Wolf reported briefly on the Oratorical contest.   Lincoln did not have a contestant this year.

Gerry Wolf also reported for the Honor Guard.  He announced that the Honor Guard participated in 217 events in 2019, 158 of which were funerals.

Ed Schnabel reported that we will be sponsoring Law Cadet students again this year, and the selection process will take place later.

It was announced that Voiture 103 will meet next Tuesday.

Commander Jackson announced that the District 15 Convention take place at the February meeting.   Delegates to the national convention will be selected, and a new District Commander and Vice Commander need to be elected.

Ed Schnabel commented on the bill currently moving forward in the legislature to shelter some military retirement pay from state income taxes.

Ed Muggy explained that the Legion Riders have been meeting at the Denton American Legion.   He then made a motion to donate $300 to the Denton post in appreciation for being able to meet there.    After a proper second and discussion, the motion was approved.

Upon motion by Muggy and a proper second, the post donated $300 to the Buddy Check program currently being held on the 22nd of each month at the Foundry.   The donation is intended to help pay for refreshments.

Curt Sanford reported that 116 Legionnaires --- 6 from Post 3 --- registered for the Mid-Year Conference in Kearney.  Fred Craigie provided some information about what events take place at the Mid-Year Conference and encouraged everyone to attend in the future.

TAPS was read, and the meeting was closed in proper form at about 7:40 PM.

Steve Bartos