Minutes of Meeting

March Minutes

Regular Meeting of American Legion Post 3
Lincoln Elks Lodge #80
March 13, 2018

The   colors being in place, Commander Jack Sibert opened the March 13, 2018   meeting of American Legion Post 3 at 7:00 PM at the Lincoln Elks Lodge   #80, with about 35 Legionnaires and guests present.  

Members of Pershing Rifles from the University of Nebraska Air Force ROTC detachment conducted the POW/MIA ceremony.

 Professor   of Military Science MAJ Jamie Peer (Army), Recruiting Officer CPT   Keyona Dibbern (Air Force), and several cadets from the Army and Air   Force ROTC detachments provided an update on activities in the UNL ROTC   program.

 Several guests were introduced and veterans of the various war eras were asked to stand and be recognized.

 Ed Schnabel reported that Post 3’s paid membership stood at 1563 --- a little more than 91% of our goal.

 Jody   Schmale reported for the Legion Riders and asked that everyone be   cautious about motorcyclists hitting the streets as the weather   improves.

 Steve  Bartos reported that 18 delegates to Cornhusker  Boy State from the  Lincoln area had been submitted.   There are also 11  alternates.

 Lowell  Vestal was recognized for his activities with  the ROTC program, and he  announced that the Chancellor’s Review was an  upcoming event.

 Fred  Chrastil reported for the Memorial  Committee.  The Memorial Squad  participated in 185 funerals and other  events last year --- more  including joint activities with the VFW.

 Fred Craigie announced that the SAL would meet Thursday evening at the Elks Lodge.

 Jerry Cummings reported that 18 remains from the Korean War and World War II had been recovered so far this year.

 Dr. Jackson announced that Voiture 103 of the 40/8 would meet next Tuesday.

 Brendan Moore commented on the passing of Post 3 member and former governor Charles Thone.

 Commander   Sibert announced that 50 and 60-year continuous membership  certificates  would be presented at the April meeting.   He also  indicated that a  75-year continuous membership certificate had just  been prepared for  Governor Thone, but he passed away just a day before  it would have been  delivered to him.

 Ted  Karre was recognized for his participation  in the District 8 /  District 15 Revitalization held at Department  Headquarters in January.

 Special membership pins from National Commander Rohan were presented to Wade Graft, Gerry Wolf, and Steve Bartos.

 It   was announced that a memorial to the Doolittle Raiders would be   dedicated at the Veterans Memorial Gardens at 7:00 PM on April 18th.

 Ed Schnabel reported that interviews for the Jr. Law Cadet selections would be held at 3:00 on April 3rd.

 Pam   Alm announced that she would be looking after the ticket booth at   Sherman Field this summer and asked for help working in the booth.     Commander Sibert announced that he and Ed Schnabel had met again with   the city and had signed a contract for the use of the city fields for   this year.   2019 remains in the air.

 Department Chaplain Jackson read TAPS, and the meeting was closed in proper form at about 8:00 PM.

 Steve Bartos