Minutes of Meeting


Regular Meeting of American Legion Post 3
Lincoln Elks Lodge #80
October 8, 2019

The colors being in place, Commander William Jackson opened the October 8, 2019 meeting of American Legion Post 3 at 7:00 PM at the Lincoln Elks Lodge #80 with 27 Legionnaires and guests present.

The minutes of the September meeting were read and approved.

Ed Schnabel gave the finance report for the month ending September 30, 2019, showing a balance on hand of $36, 471.11.  The report was approved and filed for audit.

Finance Office Schnabel also presented and explained a proposed budget of $66,620 for the 2019-2020 membership year.   Following brief discussion, the budget was adopted.

Two recently transferred members were introduced.

Veterans of the various war eras were asked to stand and be recognized. 

Commander Jackson made a few comments about the newly-enacted LEGION Act and indicated that we need to recruit some of these potential new members.

Adjutant Schnabel reported that Post 3’s paid membership stood at 1007 --- almost 70% of our Department goal of 1453 members.   He indicated that we also had an additional 20 members who had transferred from Post 50 after paying their 2020 dues to Post 500/

Ed Muggy reported briefly on the Legion Riders Poker Run.

Commander Jackson reported that he was gathering information to report on County Government ‘Day and Salvation Army Bellringers at a later time.

Steve Bartos reported that any increase in the fee for Cornhusker Boys State had not been determined yet.  The process of soliciting donors and applicants will begin in the next month or two.

Gerry Wolf reported on the District 15 Oratorical Contest.   It will be held on November 6th at the Good Sheppard Presbyterian Church.   Help will be needed.

Fred Chrastil reported for the Memorial Committee.  He indicated that they remain busy and will be attending almost a dozen activities in the days around Veterans Day.   He also commented on the Veterans’ Parade to be held on Saturday, November 9th.

Ed Schnabel indicated there will be information on the Jr. Law Cadet Program coming later.

Fred Craigie reported that the SAL would not meet on October 17th.

Fred Craigie also reported on the proposed state funeral for the last Medal of Honor recipient from World War II.   He said there had been some positive signs that it might be approved.   He also indicated that there were now only 2 remaining Medal of Honor winners from World War II.

Steve Bartos reported that he always welcomed the submittal of pictures and articles for the Lincoln Legionnaire.

It was announced that the 40 & 8 would meet next Tuesday.

Jerry Salber commented on the post’s scholarship program and expressed his gratitude that two of his grandsons had benefited from it.   One is now a commercial airline pilot, and the other is nearing his certification as an actuary.

Wade Graft reported that he had raffle tickets available for the set of American Legion Centennial coins being offered by the Department of Nebraska.   $10 per ticket.

Curt Sanford reported that the Children and Youth Committee was not going to be processing pop tabs at the Department Convention next year.  Instead, they would like Legionnaires to collect and sell the aluminum themselves and just turn in the money.   Curt indicated that he would still collect tabs from the folks in Lincoln and convert them to cash.

John Costello reported on the Veterans’ writing workshop being conducted at the Lincoln VA Hospital.

Commander Jackson reported that he was working on some ideas to promote membership to our younger veterans.

It was reported that a Retirees’ Appreciation Day was going to be held at Offut Air Force Base on October 19th.

The Commander read TAPS, and the meeting was closed in proper form at 8:00 PM.

Steve Bartos


POST 3 (November 2019)NEWS LETTER

District 15 POST 3

123 S. 84th St. Suite L

Lincoln NE 68510

(402) 466-3958

Post meetings held the 2nd Tuesday of each month At the Elks Club

5910 South 58th at 7:00 p.m.

From The Commander

Suppose…there was a world where time stopped…then went backward, giving you a chance to relive and straighten out any and all mistakes you thought you made in your earlier life. Would you go for it like a bat out of Hades? Sounds crazy, doesn’t it, like some grade B movie scenario, huh?

Actually, it’s not all that uncommon, for, we who are alive today think we could make up for our mistakes of the past in the U.S. Armed Forces, with our families, and even with the Lord. You just need that chance to make it all right again. Unfortunately…it’s not available. So what do you do now?

How about looking around your neighborhood at your schools, your shopping centers, your church, and yes, your American Legion Post meeting center for a better way to make up for that real or imagined mistakes of the past. What’s in it for you, you ask? How about redemption?

You may not have acquitted yourself in that previous life, now knowing you can’t go back to it, but you may go forward, leaving your past as a lesson learned. Your present now appears as a clearer image of what you can do rightly, with your future now a credible plan that just may be accomplished.

As a Nebraska Legionnaire, you’re committed to our Four Pillars—National Security, Children & Youth concerns, Veteran Rehabilitation & Support, and Americanism. Why not permit these goals to manifest in your present life so as to close out the question of whether or not you’re the hero people thought you were by serving your country. You’re still very needed to be that valiant soldier-sailor-airman-marine-coast-guardsman of old, with your new mission the community where you live, work, and play. They need you, and so does the Legion. So get some daylight under your rear and get on with your life!! Not an order.  Just a request for your services.

Rev. Dr. William Jackson

ALP 3 Commander

From the Adjutant

Thanks for all those who have renewed their 2020 Legion memberships.  As of this date, we have 1101 paid renewals for 2020, or 75% of our 2020 Post goals.

Held our 2020 Oratorical Contest, 6 November 2019, sorry to say that we again had no students take part in this great event.  The local winning could end up winning up to $20,000.00 dollar scholarship if they would win at the National level.

I do want to thanks those who did show up to help with the contest, just sad that we had no one interest into taking part.  

Have a great Thanksgivings,

Ed Schnabel,

Post 3 Adjutant


We have   0 new members and 4 Transfer-in, in Oct.

As of   Oct 31, 2019, Post 3 membership for 2020 stands at 1091, 74.6 percent of our 2020 goal.

VA Coffeehaus Please join us on the third Friday of every month from 11am – 1230 pm in the Auditorium of the Lincoln VA, 600 South 70th Street. If you would like a Flyer Please let me know. 


See Attachment 



TAPS for Aug. 2019 

                                                                                  Mbr Report

Name                                                 War      Yrs   Death     

Allsman, Herschel Korea 48 10/14/2019

Axford, Argil L. WWII   58 10/04/2019

Buntemeyer, Paul W. WWII   30 10/21/2019 Dept Life

Campbell, Robert E.  Korea   31 10/22/1019

Caulkins, Lyle J. WWII   63 10/07/2019

Duffek, Ray L. Korea   42 10/07/2019

House, Wayne B. Korea  4 10/16/2019

Kurpjuweit, Melvin R. Korea     3 09/29/2019

Long, John A. Sr Korea      5 10/23/2019

Pritchett, Lavern J. Vietnam  40 10/10/2019

Ritchie, Gary L. Korea 32 10/14/2019

Schoneweis, Fred M. WWII 58 10/07/2019

Sunderman, Otis L. WWII 50 10/10/2019

Tangeman, Dorothy A. Korea 41 10/02/2019

October Newsletter 2019

District 15 POST 3

123 S. 84th St. Suite L

Lincoln NE 68510

(402) 466-3958

Post meetings held the 2nd Tuesday of each month At the Elks Club

5910 South 58th at 7:00 p.m.

All members are invited to attend

From The Commander

Ever wonder what it feels like to…say…send someone on their way…knowing…they’ll not return? Yeah, I know that deal about serving in our U.S. Armed Forces and surviving pitched battles, bombings, terrorists attacks, and the seemingly endless rounds of…well…boredom, or…fright…over the sameness of it all.

Ok, OK, some of you never served in combat, so what’s this battle thing have to do with you? Or how about those who DID serve in combat, but don’t care to serve their own country? Their battle is nearly just the same: the shock of surviving the sheer terror of death and killing and those around you being killed. Some refer to it as PTSD. Another name for those who don’t serve their community after successfully reintegrating back into America maybe…indecisive…

They’re not sure…what they really want to do with their now nonmilitary lifestyle. Where’s the danger, where’s excitement, nay, where is it REALLY live, so that I may keep my blood pumping for the sheer rush that was once theirs, but now…it’s slipping away…and nothing seems to help them make up the difference.

My answer to these apparently lost warriors of a time gone by is…get a life in the here-n-now, such as dealing with grade schoolers, youth sports, academic coaching, and mentoring. All of these and more is available with the American Legion Post 3 here in Lincoln, NE.

You’re not too old to work with youth in a variety of capacities, such as Legion Baseball, Oratorical Contest, Law Cadet Program, Boys State/Girls State, and much more. You qualify

for AL membership since your time in the service amid various military circumstances.

So not why give it a shot and come over to the Legionnaire’s way of life? It’s refreshing, invigorating, and never boring. Become a Nebraska Legionnaire so you and your family will remain in touch with America’s patriotism and love of liberty fervor. 

Rev. Dr. William Jackson

ALP 3 Commander

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, Oct 10, 2019, at the Lincoln Elks Lodge #80. 


We have   0 new members and 16 Transfer-in, in Sept.

As of   Sept 30, 2019, Post 3 membership for 2020 stands at 1001, 68.4 percent of our 2020 goal.

VA Coffeehaus Please join us on the third Friday of every month from 11am – 1230 pm in the Auditorium of the Lincoln VA, 600 South 70th Street. If you would like a Flyer Please let me know. 

TAPS for Aug. 2019 

        Name              War          .                Yrs   Death     

    Kase, Joseph F. WWII 26 09/09/2019 Dept Life

    Weber, John J. WWII 38 09/12/2019