Post meetings held the 2nd Tuesday of each month At the Elks Club

5910 South 58th at 7:00 p.m.


From The Commander

What’s it like to be stranded out on a lonely slip of an island, without food, little water, and no way to get off this place?

Or, how about being hold up in a bombed-out shelter with nothing to stop the rain and wind from keeping you company, besides the erratic sound of mechanized armor that managed not to ferret out your location?

OK, how about this one. Remember that days when you were on point, only a few meters out from you platoon, when the unthinkable happens? Rapid fires, explosions from out of nowhere, and the sounds of your comrades’ excruciating pain as they died like rats caught in a cage. 

But youyou awake. Realizing it was just a dream…or was it…seeing as how you WERE there not too long ago…

Maybe youyou remember having that kind of feeling, after all these years, but anyone else sees your sullenness, your…hurt…maybe even…your anger. But what you’re facing now is a complex microbe bringing discomfort…and death…in some cases…and you’ll overcome it, too, just like those days under fire. You made through that raging hell. You’ll make it through Covid-19, just like those battles of long ago. Plus, you have your family now, plus friends and relatives to rely on. Take the stand to stand up to Covid-19 with all the precautions you’re aware of. Do the right by trusting in the Lord and be ready for a brighter day. 

Rev. Dr. William Jackson

ALP 3 Commander

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, May, 12, 2020, at the Lincoln Elks Lodge #80 if the Lodge is open and restrictions are 


From the Adjutant Welcome to SPRING,  Take the time to visit the Post’s website:
Ed Schnabel, Post 3 Adjutant



We have  0 new members and 0 Transfer-in, in April. 

As of April 30 2020, Post 3 membership for 2020 stands at 13.52 for 92.4 percent of our 2020 goal.

VA Coffeehaus Please join us on the third Friday of every month from 11am – 1230 pm in the Auditorium of the Lincoln VA, 600 South 70th Street. If you would like a Flyer Please let me know. 

MINUTES  No meeting in April so no Minutes

See Attachment 

TAPS for Jan. 2020 


Name                              War                         Yrs  Member                     Death 

Angell, Richard H.  Korea                       65                                           04/06/2020 

Fiedler, Donald J.    WWII                       11                                          04/27/2020 

Fix, Sidney R.              Korea                      62                                         04/20/2020 

Junge, Willard W.     Korea                     60                                         04/16/2020 

Lowenberg, Daniel C. Vietnam           51                                         04/17/2020 

Miller, Frederick E. Korea                       50  

Mutchie, David L.     Vietnam                46                                         04/27/2020 

Reighard, Lyle E. Korea                            61                                          04/06/2020 

Worth, Larry D. Vietnam                        28                                          04/11/2020


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As of 5/7/2020 it is unknown if The Foundry will be open and any restrictions. Phone 402-434-8540.

Same for Risky’s. Phone 402-466-6966. They only have curbside service now.



Regular Meeting of American Legion Post 3
Lincoln Elks Lodge #80
March 10, 2020


The colors being in place, Commander William Jackson opened the March 10, 2020 meeting of American Legion Post 3 at 7:00 PM at the Lincoln Elks Lodge #80 with about 25 Legionnaires and guests present.

The minutes of the February 11, 2020 meeting were read and approved.

Ed Schnabel gave the finance report for the month ending February 29, 2020, reporting a balance on hand of $33,965.85. The report was accepted and filed for review. Ed reported that we had received a little more than $2,000 from dues paid on line. Ed also commented on some charitable payments made out of the Bunker Fund.

Guest Mark McDonald was introduced.

Veterans of the various war eras were asked to stand and be recognized.

Ed Schnabel reported that paid Post 3 membership stood t 1317 and that we needed about 150 members to reach our goal for the year. 

Bruce Gubser reported for the Legion Riders. He indicated that their next meeting would be March 19th in Denton and that they were working on a raffle and poker run as fundraisers.

The commander indicated that he would be checking into some things regarding Bellringers and County Government Day. Ed Muggy indicated that the Legion Riders were not happy with the way they were scheduled for Bellringers last year.

Steve Bartos reported that 17 sponsored Boys State applications had been submitted to Department Headquarters --- along with the a applications for 7 alternates for whom the Department might be able to find sponsors.

Ed Schnabel and Ed Muggy reported on the baseball program. They explained the continuing increases in field cost rent being imposed by the Lincoln Public Schools and the City of Lincoln. While the Lincoln Baseball Association has contributed considerable funds to help support the program in recent years, gate receipts received by Post 3 have fallen far short of covering expenses. The post lost about $5000 last year. They reported that the Lincoln Baseball Association has been put on notice that Post 3 will continue its current involvement for the 2020 baseball season, but will not be involved financially or contractually thereafter.

Gerry Wolf indicated that interviews for Jr. Law Cadet candidates would be held April 7th if there were any applications. There currently are none.

Fred Chrastil reported for the Memorial Committee. He indicated that they have remained busy with funerals ---- perhaps a little fewer than at this time last year.

It was announced that the SAL would meet on the 19th. Commander Jackson reported that he was sending out about 100 letters to former or potential SAL members in hopes of rejuvenating the squadron.

It was announced that the 40/8 would meet next Tuesday.

Dean Hyde spoke briefly on the “Flights of Honor” travelling exhibit.

Ed Muggy brought up the topic of the Elks “Hamburger Night” on our American Legion meeting night. He suggested that perhaps the Elks could offer some other fare, but the costs would undoubtedly be higher. He requested input or suggestions, but the response was underwhelming.

Ed Muggy also made some comments about the Elks changing the conditions under which we rent the meeting rooms. (picking up popcorn, putting up and taking down tables and chairs, etc.) Since we have always been told that the Elks were not responsible for setting up the rooms for us and that we could leave the room the way we set it up, Bartos suggested that the Elks provide us something in writing so that we know exactly what they now expect.

It was announced that the Koffee Haus gatherings at the VA Hospital have been temporarily suspended because of concerns about the current virus problems.

The commander read TAPS, and the meeting was closed in proper form at 7:45 PM. 

Steve Bartos 



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