Eagle scout project 2019


Eagle Scout Project


Great Turnout by Boy Scouts to Honorably burn several hundred American Flags


Garrison Flags are difficult to man, but the scouts did a super job!


2019 Girls and Boys State

Thirty-six young men and women from the Lincoln area have been chosen to be among the approximately 750 high school juniors attending the American Legion’s and American Legion Auxiliary’s 2019 sessions of Cornhusker Boys’State and Cornhusker Girls State June 2-8, 2019

American Legion Post 3 and American Legion Auxiliary Unit 3 sponsor the Lincoln students who attend and contribute the enrollment fees for some. A number of other community organizations also contribute enrollment fees.

Schools represented, students, parents, and financial contributors are as


Lincoln Northeast High School: Nicholas Dungan, son of Tim and Mitzi


Cornhusker Kiwanis Club; Faith Pracht, daughter of Rita Pracht,

Havelock ALA Unit 342; and Elizabeth Spellman, 40/8 Voiture 103.

Lincoln East High School: Isaac Cary, son of David and Paulette Cary,

Lincoln Southeast Kiwanis Club. Elizabeth Besh, daughter of Danial and

Lisa Bejjsh, 

Capital City Kiwanis; Savana Brakeman, daughter of Johnathan

and Sonya Brakeman, 

Lincoln Southeast Kiwanis; Addison Wilbur, daughter

of Carie Wilbur, 

Lincoln American Legion Auxiliary Unit 3; Brooke Beran,

daughter of John and Debbie Beran, 

Sons of The American Legion Squadron 3.

Lincoln Southeast High School: Lily Hefner, daughter of Leslie Gibbens

and Rian Hefner, 

Lincoln Cornhusker Kiwanis Club. Alternate: Sophia

Merritt, daughter of Tony Merritt and Lilith Baier.

Lincoln Lutheran High School: Tanner Lebo, son of Travis and Renae


Optimist Club of Lincoln; Kyle Luebbe, son of Wayne and Lori Luebbe,

Lincoln Post 3 American Legion Riders; James Admiraal, son of David and

Alicia Admiraal, 

40&8 Voiture 103; Alayna Bergt, daughter of Cory and

Lynne Bergt, 

Lincoln Legionnaire Club Inc; Hannah Ernst, daughter of John

and Amanda Ernst, 

Lincoln Center Kiwanis Club; Kelly Kohlhof, daughter

of Kevin and Sarah Hohlhof, 

Lincoln Sons of The American Legion Squadron3; Gretchen Stennett, daughter of Greg and Lyn Stennett, 

Lincoln Star City Lions; and Paige Trutna daughter of Derek and Stephanie Trutna, Lincoln Legionnaire Club Inc. Alternates: Leah Bassett, daughter of Nathan and Molly Bassett, Elayne Poppe, daughter of Bryan Poppe and Elizabeth Baack, and

Leah Rathe, daughter of Michael and Tracy Rathe.

Lincoln Pius X High School: Sean Freudenberg, son of John and Connie


Bishop Kucera Assembly #595 Knights of Columbus; Carlos

Gutierrez, son Juan Carlos and Jennifer Gutierrez, 

St. John Paul the Great Assembly #3640 Knights of Columbus; Nick McElroy, son of Mark and Beth McElroy, American Legion Post 3; Margaret Barie, daughter of Robert and Koni Barie, 

Lincoln American Legion Auxiliary Unit 3; Maddie Booth,daughter of Clint and Theresa Boothe, 

Optimist Club of Lincoln; and Abbie Russman, daughter of Corey and Nicole Russman, 

Lincoln Center Kiwanis.

Alternates: Caitlin Alesch, daughter of Shane Alesch and Tricia Besett-Alesch.

Parkview Christian High School: Logan Page, son of Cortney Page and the

late Anthony E. Page, American Legion Post 3.

Lincoln North Star High School: Dalton Hellwege, son of Pat and Jennifer


American Legion Post 3; Sheldon Isom, son of Loren and Bonnie Isom,

 Lincoln Center Kiwanis Club; Macy Howe, daughter of Brad Howe and

Sheri Dempsey, Dempsey Construction; Layla Omari, daughter of Somerah

Al-Moman and Ayman Omari, 

Lincoln Bethany Lions Club; Christina Villa-Huerta, daughter of Jose’ and Sandra Villa; and Caitlyn Gish, daughter of Eric and Emily Gish, Lincoln Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

Lincoln Southwest High School: Blake Callahan, son of AmIe Callahan,

Bethany Lions Club; Jack Nolley, son of Mark and Holly Nolley, 

Lincoln Center Kiwanis Club; and Kathleen Warwick, daughter of Brent and Lisa Warwick,

8/40 Les Femmes Fatales Salon 832.

Lincoln High School: Elijah Riley, son of Anthony Riley and Tanya Barry,

Lincoln Capital City Kiwanis Club and Regan Schneider, daughter of Jeri

Roeder and Rick Schneider, Lincoln American Legion Auxiliary Unit 3.

Hilton Homeschool Academy: Lydia Hilton, daughter of Jon and Mary

Hilton, Lincoln American Legion Auxiliary Unit 3.

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The Boy Scouts of America is one of the nation’s largest and most  prominent values-based youth development organizations, providing  programs for young people that build character, trains them in the  responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops personal  fitness.

For more than 100 years, Boy Scouts of America has helped  build future leaders by combining educational activities and lifelong  values with fun.

Alex  is a member of Boy Scout Troop 76 in Waverly, Nebraska. He received his  honor Eagle Scout honor in March 2018.​Alex's project was to  replace/upgrade wooden street signs on the ground of the Lincoln  Regional Center. This project took 3 1/2 months to complete, with over  107 hours in labor. These signs were made entirely by hand. A total of  20 signs and six sign posts were constructed.


        Alex Fitzpatrick-Gutierrez

        Alex Fitzpatrick-Gutierrez